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As your innovation partner, our team of food scientists will help you develop better, much safer clean label ingredients for the products you market.

Learn how we help product development teams identify better solutions.

Simple. WTI makes things simple.

Clean. WTI makes your products more marketable.

Safe. WTI brings peace-of-mind.

As your trusted partner, we create the future of food ingredients.

We have a simple, clean, safe approach to enhance the eating experience of the food you produce.

We improve food quality, produce cleaner labels, keep food safe, and extend shelf-life.

Our solutions are used in meat, poultry and seafood; prepared foods, including ready meals;

fruit and vegetables; sauces, dips and dressings; and pet food.


The naturally-derived phosphate alternative to measurably improve the overall quality of meat applications.

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WTI’s 281 utilizes functional properties inherent to lemon juice concentrate to facilitate moisture retention within meat, while also enhancing natural meat flavors. 281 is a clean label alternative that replaces phosphates and is easy to deliver into meat applications

Delivering Fresh Ideas

Gain a fresh perspective. Our functional food ingredients are a result of out-of-the-box thinking that utilizes ingredients you’ve never even considered.

Got a food ingredient challenge?

Enhance the taste, texture, color, appearance, as well as the safety, of your food with

naturally-derived, clean label or conventional solutions from WTI.

Use one of our proven products or let our team of food scientists and culinary experts

design a solution that fits your and your customer's needs.

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Experience our dedication first hand. We take on challenges with enthusiasm because what we do for you also helps forward our industry.

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