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NatureIn LV, an all-natural, clean label product made of lemon juice concentrate and vinegar, extends shelf life and inhibits pathogen growth by targeting a broad range of foodborne microbes. NatureIn LV can be directly added, injected, tumbled, sprayed or incorporated into a variety of food systems.

NatureIn LV inhibits the growth of Listeria monocytogenes, molds, yeasts and spoilage organisms.

NatureIn LV is available in pails, drums and totes.

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NatureIn LV

NatureIn lv case studies

Ional Plus, NatureIn LV and V on total APC of bone-less pork loin

Ional Plus, NatureIn LV, and LVE on total APC of chicken breast fillets

NatureIn LV and V vs. both Listeria monocytogenes and Lactobacilli of refrigerated foods

NatureIn LV and V vs. Listeria monocytogenes on boneless ham

NatureIn LV and V vs. Listeria monocytogenes on hot dogs

NatureIn LV vs Listeria monocytogenes on cured/uncured beef, roast beef, and cured/uncured turkey