pilot plant

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    Our state-of-the-art processing pilot plant is equipped to assist processors in refining new product formulations.


    In addition to developing new products, our pilot plant can assist in the development of new process techniques.

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pilot plant

Pilot PlantPilot Plant

WTI recognizes that customers may not have facilities conducive to performing small test runs on candidate product lines. To facilitate this need, we’ve constructed state-of-the-art processing pilot plants at our Jefferson facility to support a full array of product development efforts. Customers are encouraged to visit the plants to test and refine new concepts.

Our food pilot plant can assist you in:

  • Improving yields
  • Reducing sodium content
  • Developing an all-natural product
  • Developing new products for the market
  • Developing new process techniques
  • Enhancing product tenderness and color
  • Extending shelf life and product distribution times

Our manufacturing pilot plant can assist you in:

  • Custom blending and formulation
  • Wet processing capabilities, including heating, cooling, homogenizing and milling
  • Customized spray and vacuum drum drying

Contact us to learn more about how our pilot plants and staff of industry professionals can assist you in developing superior, cost-efficient products.