Fish & Seafood

Fish & Seafood

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Through our specialty line of products, WTI works closely with leading fish and seafood producers and processors, to increase product performance, gain market share and enhance profitability.

With the ability to extend shelf life, WTI’s products are making a splash throughout the fish and seafood industry. Our products offer processors a competitive edge in quality.


Product quality is the basis of consumer satisfaction. WTI's functional ingredients will keep processors profitable while improving product quality.

Shelf Life

Shelf life extension is key for processor cost effectiveness and reduction of returned out-of-date product. Regardless of your specific objectives, we can make the difference in your products. The IONAL and NatureIn product lines can improve the shelf life of fresh, marinated or fully cooked products.

Through extensive university-based and third party research, we have found that both the IONAL and NatureIn product lines can give you the industry advantage of extending product shelf life in both optimal and abusive temperatures.

The NatureIn ingredient line is a clean label, all-natural option for shelf life extension. Through extensive research, the NatureIn line has been shown to dramatically increase shelf life.

Sodium Reduction

WTI has formulated several functional ingredients to meet sodium reduction needs both domestically and internationally. Our IONAL, and NatureIn product lines can give seafood processors unlimited opportunities to provide the public with "heart healthy" products.

The IONAL product line offers buffered potassium citrate-based blends to achieve reduced sodium goals. If you are looking to maintain product quality, the potassium-based IONAL line will meet your needs.

WTI’s NatureIn line provides a combination of microbial control and sodium reduction for processors. With our patented process, the NatureIn product line presents a clean label, all-natural, low sodium option that provides extended shelf life for the fish and seafood industry.