our history

our history

Wolf Ludwig Wolf Ludwig in 1962 before his journey to America

Wolf Ludwig, Ralf Ludwig, Peter Ludwig Left to right: Wolf Ludwig, Ralf Ludwig, Peter Ludwig

It began with a garage, $1,000 and the desire to build a business based on the needs of the customer. World Technology Ingredients’ origins may have been modest, but the ambitions of its founder, Wolf Ludwig, were anything but.

He immigrated from Germany to the United States in the late 1960’s, at age 23, speaking no English but confident in his prospects. In 1978, after working more than a decade as a sausage maker and sales manager with some of the industry’s top processors and suppliers, he decided to found a business based on “service, quality, integrity and technology.”

Those same principals have guided the growth of WTI for over 30 years, during which we’ve emerged as meat and poultry’s leading source of functional ingredients. We’ve done so by combining new ingredients with advanced technology to meet the unique needs of each of our customers.

Today, WTI holds multiple patents which are product oriented and/or involve processing methodologies. WTI’s pilot plant, located at our headquarters in Jefferson, Georgia, utilizes the latest technology of its kind in the nation. Our highly educated and diverse staff possess years of industry experience and are capable of meeting our customers' most challenging needs.

We have grown considerably but maintain our heritage as a family-owned and operated company committed to developing lasting partnerships with our customers.