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Newly Weds Foods

Newly Weds Foods is a world leader in food ingredient technology. A network of R&D, manufacturing and service facilities around the globe allows us to serve our customers' needs in more than 68 countries. But despite our size and scope, we've continued to be an independent, family-owned business answerable only to the demands of our customers. That's why we've consistently invested in the infrastructure, human resources and capacity over the years to keep pace with their growing needs. And why we'll be ready to address the formulation challenges they'll be facing tomorrow.


For more than 35 years, meat and poultry processors from around the world have relied on Wolf-tec to deliver better equipment and smarter solutions. Today, we have evolved into global leaders, ones that constantly deliver the newest and most innovative processing technology to processors world-wide. Leading brands including Polar Massagers, Schroder IMAX injectors, and TVI portioning systems offer innovation, performance and reliability. Partner with us for brine preparation, injection, marination, tenderization and portioning systems for improved yields and efficient production of high quality products. We are changing the way you do business.

Ingredient Solutions, Inc.

ISI is the World's Largest Independent Supplier of Carrageenan. Advantages of using Carrageenan in your application include: increased yield and reduced purge, aids in Sodium Reduction, Kosher and Halal Certified, All-Natural and Organic Allowed labeling. Xanthan Gum provides cold thickening and suspension while the Nalgin™ Sodium Alginate is useful restructured foods and sausage casings as well as providing heat-stable structure to formed meat systems and can be used in cold-process gelling.